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2 years ago

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I met her when I worked, I had a dvd and returned later, I called to ask her number if she was going there again ( and that was the plan) in drjizz 10 min id asked him to dinner. she was a very beautiful black woman named Emma, who came with a slender body with big tits and firm ass curves with long black hair was faithful to his collection ID from his place, and arrived on time in my car all shiny and clean. drjizz went to his apartment, a byproduct of a woman, look around people, drjizz it would have been like to turn around the face is welcomed invited me to her while she prepared, and I had a drink ( Coca Cola). within a few minutes he entered his room with a short cut strapless dress thigh high boots and a leather jacket. even after seeing my tongue back in my mouth and wiped the floor after she told him to go prepared. We jumped in the car and put some music, but before moving gave me a drjizz long kiss on my lips, which has become an integral Snog with tongues ! so withhow far they began to wonder what to expect, we arrived at our destination and went and had lunch (Pizza Hut, which had), then we have went to the cinema to watch a movie, and it is drjizz where the fun began. went straight to the back and began to see the movie, so after a while I felt his hands around my waist, and she hugged me, and then a little later moved to his side just above the groin, which remained there for about minutes and then a while drjizz later, he began to rub my cock had in'till hard through my pants. before I knew what was going on had to lick my fly down and tail in the mouth of my hard member precum. hold for the next 10 minutes gave me a fantastic blowjob intill drjizz more and could not swallow the lot and I still sucking like IM for 5 minutes after a cherry lollipop, she turned and compressed me then and had a sip of your drink, we drjizz sat there and finished the movie in silence. I brought it home, and she invited me to come for have a drink, I sat on the couch and grabbed one has with Coca -Cola ( his favorite drink and I) have finished my front of her and looked and said, "we have to do that " and he drank and kissed me and transferred the beverage in the mouth. also said she wasted no time in dragging me into his room, drjizz we shed clothes in record time, but left his boots ! We play in all positions and enjoyed every fucking body, she gave me another blow over and I moved to a position 69 that I spent in old age with his lips and clitoris, she moaned and sucked harder than their point G with my fingers. I thought we came together and had their way with me all night, it's my turn! I went behind them and put them in a doggy position I RAMED my cock in her wet pussy, however, I have built a steady pace and my hands drjizz to play with her tits and pulled her hair about 15 minutes later she had come and moan with pleasure. But I left when I left had cum, I needed nor purchase and sale of his mouth to suck again and all its worth, I had cum buckets before, but this time drjizz I spilled milk swallowed everything licked his lips, kissed and hugged and the dream we agreed. In the morning I woke up Emma kiss on the lips and stuck out her tongue over my bathtub, and then pulled the sheet and gave me another shot to put your fingers in the ass at any given time, it was not long before and after ingestion of the lot, then I had to sleep again. Emma woke up a little later and told him, then, go home now young, dressed kissed her lips and went home thinking of her. I saw him a week later (we had SMS every day ) and told me how you're young, and asked if her daughter had to take care of me while she was gone! It was not Emma, who said the BOJ last, but her daughter 22 years old!

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